TABANO red wine Marche IGT from pure Montepulciano grapes

Red Tabano is a well-structured wine obtained from pure Montepulciano grapes. Matured for 12 months in cement tank and barrels.
Then for 12 months in bottles, the characteristics of the great Montepulciano are enhanced to the full maintaining and bottled offers a good tonic character to its fruit

Type: still red wine
Denominatio: Marche Rosso IGT
Grapes: pure Montepulciano

Production area: hills around the Castle of Jesi – Tabano countryside
Terrain: clayey soil
Cutting system: spurred cordon
Plants per hectrare: about 5,500
Yeld per plant: about 1-1,3 Kg
Vinification: maceration with the skins for 15-18 days; with temperature control of the cap at about 25° C. Maturation in small oak barrels for the 12 months following the grapes’ harvest. Subsequent ageing in bottles up to the wine’s marketing
Net dry extract: 30-34 gr/ lt varying, depending on the vintage
Sensorial Perceptions
Colour: deep and impenetrable rubin red with garnet red shades
Fragrance: intense fragrance with scent of plum, blackberry, sour cherry in the right mix of balms and spices
Taste: extremely full-bodies and rich, with a consistent and soft final taste of tannin
Foood parrings:
roast meat and noble game, “pecorino di fossa” cheese and other medium-long aging cheeses
Serving temperature: 18°-20°C

Alcohol content: 13,5% - 14% vol. varying, depending on the vintage

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