LE VELE Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi DOC Classic white wine Moncaro winery

10,41 €

His youth is long-lived and reaches the age of majority in about two years after the harvest, expressing in this time frame the best of its fragrance

Type: still white wine
Classification: Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico
Grape variety: 100% Verdicchio

Minimum order 6 bottles

Location: selection of more vineyards implemented according to the seasonal trend in Classical production of Verdicchio in the municipalities of Montecarotto, Serra de Conti, and Castelplanio Rosora
Age: 8-30 years
Soil: alluvial marine sedimentary origin, with a predominance of clay and sand in the Miocene and Plio-Pleistocene
Exposure and altitude: sunny exposures and boreal; average altitude of 250 to 430 m.

Grape varieties and cultivation : Breeding system upside down and Guyot
Density: 1700-3000 vines per hectare.
Yield per hectare: 100 quintals of grapes

Harvesting: double harvest by hand and machine part in the coolest hours of the day

Winemaking: All the phases are carried away from the air, in an environment with inert gas to protect the product from harmful oxidation. Soft pressing and cold settling of the must. Fermentation by yeasts specific to a very low temperature, subsequent storage and bottling in areas shielded from the air, saturated with inert gas

Tasting Notes
At the sight: the shine of his pale yellow, green virgolato, announces the freshness

Nose: primary aromas decided to expand fruity hints of white peach, citrus fruits, apples, with delicate perceptions bitter, typical of the grape. Fine and pleasant, is supported by good intensity and prolonged extension odorous
Palate: dry and soft, in order to encourage deliberately freshness. Its fair to alcohol content, with a great intensity and persistence is matched very well with well perceptible acidity and flavor, typical of wines to be enjoyed in youth. The balance is so well balanced born in a wine to enjoy in the summer, but that can be appreciated throughout the year

Serving suggestion: antipasti and salads crustaceans and bivalve molluscs of the sea are an essential part of his court. He loves food plump but not stifled by too aromatic and spicy sauces or feeds, because of its freshness, dislikes "skin" with tomato. This makes it great on oily fish of the sea, but also in the river and lake, with preparations in white. The pastas and risottos with butter are part of his preferences
Serving temperature: 10 ° - 12 ° C.

Alcohol content: 12,5% vol.

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