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Corso Persiani, 49/51

62019 Recanati 
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A big signing of the Made in Italy, in nearly one hundred years, has developed a proposal to use objects for the table and kitchen. Design, functionality and color are the essence of Guzzini. Innovation and technology meet in the use of various materials, especially plastics.
Furnish your home with style and cheer is even easier thanks to this outlet.

  • Lines
    Guzzini Home furnishing objects, rich in suggestion, which occupy the intimate space and the physical, with freedom, outside the box.
    Mirage, the last born, and the "historical" as Feeling, Latina, Love that you are enriched by the introduction of products that extend the offer further.
    Horeca dedicated product lines, elegant and functional in the world of Banqueting and Catering.
  • Products for sale
    Dishes, glasses, pots, containers, utensils, cutlery, and also the small consumer electronics.
  • Days and hours of opening
    Wednesday-Venerdì16, 00/19, 30
    Saturday 09.30 / 13.00 to 16.00 / 19.30

Living the kitchen is to inhabit the gestures, the joy, the pleasure. It means choosing flavors, colors, flavors: Guzzini, a world of style and smiles every day
Designed to be used (and re-used). Give quality to the newspaper is a current topic that is Fratelli Guzzini used to take a long time in the last sixty years Guzzini has succeeded in giving to many of the everyday objects, colander from the bowl for salad dressing, a dignity and above all the quality and durability they deserve. The future is multi-material and multi-faceted.
There is a basic idea on which the Fratelli Guzzini has been working in recent years to give the new plastic materials a beauty and a dignity equal to that of glass, wood, porcelain.
'Cause the great designers they love to Guzzini. The mindset of Guzzini to design and designers can be summarized by the words of Ross Lovegrove: "One of the reasons why I seriously intend to continue my collaboration with Fratelli Guzzini is that I am one of those people that when they get up out of bed in the morning, look to the future, without setting limits. "


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