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Organic farm Recchi biological by faith and not for business

Salumi tipici biologici

Organic farm

C.da Calcinari n° 29
63027 - Petritoli (FM) 
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The Farm Recchi, biological by faith and not for business, it is the realization of loving and passionate desire to preserve and pass on to the next the moral and material values ​​of tradition, creating, through the Park Galeano, a meeting place between the urban society and rural local culture.

Philosophy "Environment", "power", "quality of life" are some of the cornerstones that support the organization of human life.
Give these concepts a precise connotation (clean / polluted, healthy / damaged, good / bad, right / wrong) is really hard, because if the truth is almost always in the middle, the means to locate it are almost always hidden under several layers of bad information.

Method The quality of food is inextricably linked to the territory from which it originates and its history, as well as respect that man has in respect of one and the other. Persevere in the pursuit of food production "clean", in harmony with nature and the human being, which is the commitment of the farm Recchi took charge to build a legacy "healthy" to be transmitted to future generations.
Organic farming knows, understands and supports nature, and it is now essential to improve the quality of life and environment, and its epistemology is based on the notion of biological balance ecological or more extensively, for which the man is not the exploiter deaf and blind environment, but his caretaker.

Result The life of the farmer is quite severe, but the results that can be achieved for all their efforts pay off: clean air, the sun, the earth, the sky, the mystery of life that regenerates itself continuously, the awareness of having contributed their work to preserve something of the beauty that exists in the world, and the serenity of knowing what people eat, the emotion is fully savor the true taste of things ...

The Stagnatella Galeano Park, a charming farmhouse that, with the warmth and friendliness features ancient and generous hospitality of the Marche region, offering a true pleasure and specialties of the traditional local cuisine.
Surrounded by greenery, hidden from view, away from the road noise of the city, surrounded by things simple and sincere in the Marche countryside, La Stagnatella is the ideal place to get a complete physical and mental regeneration.

Special prices for supplies to restaurants, canteens, buying groups, grocery stores and food specialists, with request email the price list