ABISSALE American Pale Ale Italian Brewery Del Gomito

9,02 €

ABISSALE American Pale Ale - Special beer clear top-fermented and fermented in the bottle.
The body is structured, the aroma of hops is intense and is given off in all its varieties, striking the complexity of fruity and floral, in both taste and smell

The must is obtained with Pilsner malts and Vienna with the addition of wheat malts and Cara-Pils and hops bittering and aroma like Magnum, Colubus, Amarillo and Cascade It is fermented with yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain

Bottle 0,75lt

Alc. 6.6% vol, - IBU (bitterness unit) 32 ° P (degree plato) initial 13.9 - ° P (degree plato) final 2.8

It goes well with pasta dishes, white meats, all sautéed clams and pizza with any type of dressing
Serve at 8-10 ° C

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