CHIC NIC for 4 Wicker Basket with Marche Typical Products

165,31 €

CHIC NIC for FOUR - Wicker Basket with Marche Italian Food Typical Products
A gift is an important thing, exclusive, for the right opportunity to surprise the recipient. Mymarca, the ability to create original and personalized gift packs, only with typical products of high quality brands.

Want to offer a package to a friend, client or distant relative and you can not deliver it in person? Mymarca, the certainty of where you want to deliver it in Italy or abroad.

Choose your basket according to your tastes ....

Ciauscolo IGP salame morbido spalmabile
Spumante rosso dolce Cl. 75
Casciotta di Urbino DOP 450gr 
Patè di oliva Ascolana 100gr
Confettura di frutta artigianale 200gr
CHIPS Crispies Choc 150gr
Varnelli Anice secco 10 Cl.
Biscotti da forno artigianali 200gr
Biscotti di canapa 200gr

- Suitable packaging for express shipping express national.
- Typical products listed above
- Wicker, cutlery, plates, glasses, corkscrew, cutting board, wine stopper, knife.

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