NERONE 2011 Conero DOCG Italian top red wine awarded

33,55 €

A wine with great aging, intended to embellish the most beautiful wineries and wine lists. The time will give us reason to consider it a rarity wine.

Type: still red wine
One of the wines from the Marche awarded in 2018 by the most prestigious guides to Italian wines
Name: Rosso Conero DOCG Riserva
Grapes: 100% Montepulciano

Location: in places Montacuto within the Conero Natural Park, at the foot of the promontory
Soil: marly soils are derived from limestone interspersed with areas of red-brown earth and clay. Presence of stone dating back to the Plio-Pleistocene.
Exposure and altitude: near the sea, but in a position protected from the bora winds from Mount Conero and high coasts, at altitudes of 130-250 m.
System: espalier against and Guyot.
Density: 2500-4500 plants per hectare. Yield per hectare: 60 q. Grape pruning system with reduced number of buds per plant, thus allowing the accumulation of substances produced in a few bunches per vine.

Harvest: late-ripening grapes are harvested by hand and 50% left to dry for more than six weeks

Vinification: the grapes prior to maturity traditional and, after 50 days, for those withering. Fermentation in small cement vats with frequent rimantaggi daily. The maceration lasts for many days
Ageing: After racking, the wine is aged in barrels for 15 months and refined in bottle for about a year.

Tasting Notes
Appearance: ruby ​​red is deep and remember the precious stone Burma. The shades of purple and are lead back to the matrix of pure varietal wine. Great consistency
Nose: precious and powerful odor notes that are expressed in hints of black cherry and plum jam between. Explode spices: pepper, cinnamon and liquorice. From the back of rising pleasant sensations of fine tobacco, cocoa and roasting of coffee. The final topping up the damage ethers. Valuable in the whole aromatic notes of an excellent maturation in barriques
On the palate: the power in the mouth is triggering; generous and enveloping embrace of alcohol that moderates the fine tannins of French oaks. The excellent flavor dirompe throughout the oral cavity with great intensity, in a velvety finish with a long finish and perfect harmony

Accompaniment: red meat from cattle and fittings, wild hair and feather noble especially in preparations truffles. Excels on pheasants, partridges and woodcocks and not less on pigeons. Great combinations of cheeses and structure, such as the pit Talamello and Sogliano
Serving temperature 18/20 ° C.

Alcohol: 14.50% vol.

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