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the WHITE of ..MARCA Selection of 6 excellent local white wines

72,00 €

Gift idea to make you feel all the ... scents of the Marche, excellent white wines from grapes that identify the territory.

Mymarca is a professional and safe guide who offers you a wide panorama of emerging wines and wineries.

Selection of 6 ideal wines for every important occasion.

  • 1 - ECCLESIA Souvignon Blanc Marche IGT 2015 - La Monacesca
  • 1 - il BIANCO del MORO 2016 Marche IGT uve sangiovese vinificate in bianco - Colmone della Marca
  • 1 - PADRETERNO 2019 Marche IGT fermentato e affinato in anfore di terracotta - Castrum Morisci
  • 1 - il FIOBBO 2016 Falerio DOC pecorino - Aurora
  • 1 - RIBONA 2019 Colli Maceratesi DOC da uve Ribona - Saputi
  • 1 - PASSERINA 2017 Offida DOCG uve biologiche - Centanni

Organoleptic characteristics, useful information, price and cellar, of each single label can be found in the WINERY section of the site.

Shipping worldwide, in a special polystyrene cellar for maximum safety.

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