La Bona Usanza want to bring back the tastes and flavors of the past

LA BONA USANZA s.c.a r.l
Via Saragat, 21
60030 Serra de' Conti (AN)
Fax. +39 0731878568
Cell. +39 3343229360

La Bona Usanza (the name means “good custom”) is a small cooperative society of Marche regional producers who want to bring back to our tables the tastes and flavors of the past, in an effort to safeguard the territory’s typical food and wine products and to protect the biodiversity of the cultivars.

The material culture of a people centers around food, for it is when people sit at table together that they can appreciate the beauty and joy of conviviality, of family ties, of friendship. The members are committed, first of all, to preserving what has been handed down through the generations and reproposing it in a contemporary form.

The products presented here are the fruit of their passionate work. We find ourselves in Serra de’ Conti, in the hills of Verdicchio country, where we showcase small productions, grown and processed in artisanal fashion, where much is still hand-crafted and where there remains “so much joy” in one’s labors.

It is this same joy that we wish to share with all those who would like to taste and try our products