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CICERCHIA Serra de' Conti A Slow Food Presidium

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La cicerchia is a pulse ideal for rediscovering those tastes of once upon a time.
La cicerchia is a legume and comes from a plant similiar to that of chickpeas. Ancient origins hold Greek ties who called it lathiros, while with the Romans it was cicercula.
Diverse varieties exist, not all of them pleasing to the palate. It is not treated with any chemical preservatives

It is recommended in soups that foresee the combination with other legumes and pureed with toasted homemade bread, as well as in combination with game dishes

Weight: 500 grams

The grass pea is content with little, and does not need special care, also grows in conditions for other plants difficult, indeed, the lack of water gives the seeds a floury taste and pleasant. It is sown in spring and raccogle in August in bundles with all the roots are held on the threshing floor to dry before being beaten with the classic "vivillo" separating the seeds from the pods. The resulting material, consisting of the same pods and dried plants, according to the good peasant rule, according to which you do not throw anything but everything you use, to form the sheaf, to be used as fodder for animals in cold and rainy winter.

To soften the cicerchia: Before being cooked should be kept to soak for a long time, for a whole night, and the water must be thrown, containing a substance that could cause problems in the system nervous. Before cooking, remove the cuticles leathery falling off.

How to cook: Use water without salt. It is recommended that the proportion of 1 liter of water per 100 grams of grass pea.
Put the grass pea in the pot with cold water. Bring to a boil over medium heat.
When the water boils, continue cooking for 40 minutes, covering half the pot with a lid.
When cooked, leave the grass pea in the water. Drain the last moment, before the final preparation or table service. In this way you avoid the hardening caused by cooling

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