LONZINO di FICO - FIG ROLL old-fashioned product at Slow Food Presidium

12,32 €

This traditional product has been given the name ‘lonzino’ because of its shape, a salami-like roll that looks like the cured meat made from pork loin.

In former times, figs were grown in large quantities in the Marche countryside and farmers made every effort to conserve them for the winter. One of the favorite methods was this fig roll; sundried figs were first minced, mixed with chopped aniseed, almonds and walnuts, then rolled and wrapped in fig leaves.

Today, this old-fashioned product is seeing a well-deserved revival on the tables of the best restaurants.

We recommend serving the lonzino di fico sliced, with a spoonful of sapa (grape nectar) and an aged cheese, all accompanied by a passito dessert wine.

Pack: 300 gr.

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