SAPA Syrup-like grape nectar a tasty condiment

15,66 €

Sapa would always be prepared in farmers’ homes at the end of the grape harvest.

The grape must was filtered, poured into a massive copper pot, placed over a wood fire and boiled long and gently until notably reduced.

In the past, people used this syrup-like grape nectar as a sweetener for Christmas and carnival treats, to prepare cakes and jam-filled sweets, as an ingredient in home-made jams, in fruit tarts and stewed fruit, or in dough-nuts.

We recommend trying sapa as a tasty condiment for slices of lonzino di fico (fig roll), on apple or pear tarts, on vanilla ice-cream and custards, with dried-fruit strudel and other desserts made with stewed fruit

Bottle: 250 ml.

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