Italian TYPICAL CHEESES from Marches - Tasting of ancient flavors and aromas

TYPICAL CHEESES of the MARCHE Tasting of ancient flavors and aromas

60,06 €
53,55 €

TYPICAL CHEESES of the MARCHE a careful selection of cheeses, the result of the skill of producers united by the respect for the dairy tradition and the desire to preserve ancient tastes and aromas.

Tasting kit of different cheeses for maturing and flavoring, proposed in combination with an artisan jam, to approach new combinations.

  • Formaggio CAPRINO 400 gr - Calvisi
  • Formaggio PECORINO nostrano pasta morbida 350 gr (secondo disponibilità)
  • Formaggio di Fossa di Sogliano D.O.P. pecorino stagionato Vallesina 350 gr - Martarelli
  • Casciotta di Urbino DOP Formaggio tipico marchigiano 450 gr - TreValli
  • Formaggio aromatizzato (olive o noci o tartufo secondo disponibilità) 
  • Tris composte 100gr

(NB photo purely indicative)

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