Local OLIVE OIL and LEGUMES for TASTING | Mymarca

Good OIL and TYPICAL LEGUMES genuine tasting not to be missed

30,58 €
27,52 €

The right opportunity to discover the typical legumes of the Marche to be seasoned with a good oil ... what more could you want !!!

A good soup is definitely the best way to appreciate the Marche legumes enhanced in taste by a genuine local EVO oil at Km 0.

The tasting kit includes:

LA BONA USANZA - Cicerchia 250 gr

MONTE GEMMO - Chickpeas 500 gr

MONTE GEMMO - Lentils 250 gr

MONTE GEMMO - Borlotti beans 500 gr

Frantoio CARTECHINI - Affabile - Extra Virgin Olive Oil 50 cl

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