PRIMO DELIA 2010 Organic Red Wine Marche IGT Centanni italian wine

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Primo Delia is a wonderful organic red wine from the Marche region. It’s barrel aged and has an intense ruby red color, like the passion we have for our territory and the work we invest in each season, each gesture, and each and every moment

Type: still red wine
Name: Red IGT Marche
5 types of grapes: vines are grown on the farm local and international but are not declared because business secrets handed down from our grandparents Primo e Delia.

For Centanni family this wine is not just an excellent label. Primo Delia represents an act of love towards our grandparents, Primo and Delia Centanni, who started with a single bunch of grapes and were able to cultivate a dream. When Delia confessed Primo’s wish to us, she did it with the sincerity and passion typical of the people from Marche. It was during a grape harvest many years ago when that thought became an idea, which then became a dream and then……. Primo Centanni: “Ciàjo na vojà. De fa co sta bell’uva nu bellù vì!”
Delia Centanni: “Poèsse nu jòrnu ce penserà lì fìji co lì nipùti”. …
And then…Today that conversation, that debate, that dream which became a reality thanks to our father Mario and our mother Franca has become a story in our history. Today we represent a new generation and a new legacy of those who taught us to love this work.

Production area: vineyards situated in town of Montefiore Aso
Vineyard altitude: 200-300 m above sea level
Soil composition: medium mixture, with high presence of gravel
Training system: cordon
Yield per Strain: 3.00 Kg of grapes

Harvest:there are 5 diferent types of grapes and each has its own maturation, so they are collected at diferent times. Once they reach the right degree of phenolic and sugar ripeness the grapes are harvested by hand, put in crates and transported immediately to the winery to be perfectly handled.

Winemaking:the grapes are de-stemmed and lightly crushed. Subsequently, the crushed grapes are conveyed to the fermenters, which are small and connected together by a replacement system, to start the fermentation at a controlled temperature. The maceration lasts for about 250 days at a temperature of 20°, after which they proceed to the storage and aging in steel.
After 1 year of aging in steel and the end of malolactic fermentation with continuous remuage, the wine is aged for 1 year in large wooden barrel of 100 litres.

Sensory profile
Colour: ruby red with intense purple refections

Pairings:red meat, grilled meat, aged cheese
Serving Temperature: 18 ° - 20 ° C

Alcohol: 14.50% vol.

Annual production: 1300 numbered bottles

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