SANT' ISIDORO 2014 Maria Pia Castelli Rose' wine Marche IGT

11,52 €

“Sant'Isidoro”, a rosé tinged with coral, is made by drawing off the best Montepulciano and Sangiovese musts from grapes harvested in crates and with minimal yield per hectare

Type: rose' wine

Year: 2012

Classification: Marche Rosato IGT

Grape varieties:50% Montepulciano, 50% Sangiovese

First year production | 2003
Average annual production (bottles) | 3,000
Soil | Clay with ferrous mineral components
Exposure and altitude | Plateau - 200m above sea level
Average vine age | 9/10 years
Yield from vines | 4,000 kg per hectare

Harvest | 100% manually harvested
Fermentation tanks | stainless steel
Fermentation temperature | 28° - 32° C
Fermentation duration | 20-25 days
Malolactic fermentation | in barriques

Aging | large wood / steel - Bottled | 3 months before sale

Sensorial Perceptions
The crisp, clean nose is unassuming and pleasing, suggesting red berries against a delicate floral backdrop
A pleasant drink that immediately releases its full flavour potential

A wine for a delicate palate, to be served chilled to 8-10°C, preferably to accompany Italian salamis, ripe cheeses and anchovies, sardines and mackerel

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