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Cooking Course THE WORLD OF DESSERTS "The Basics" - 6 Lessons

From the PAN OF SPAIN to the PASTA FROLLA, from the CREME to the BAKERY CAKES ending at the BIGNE '.... In this course the basic recipes for the classic sweets to have a complete base on the world of pastry. The course is aimed at those who adore the dessert and how many, even at the time of dessert, want to amaze! The course will allow you to know the mechanisms that regulate the art of pastry and its preparations with the aim of providing the right technique for obtaining an excellent final product under the eye of an expert teacher.

6 intense pastry lessons.
- Le frolle - The choice of ingredients, the doses and the secrets for making frolle for making pies, biscuits and many other preparations.
- Creams - It is definitely the queen of creams in confectionery, we use it for filling classic and mignon cakes and is irreplaceable in pastry. We will know the basic techniques for its realization and its many variations.
- The sponge cake - One of the most important bases of Italian confectionery, we will talk about the basic ingredients and production techniques for a light and crumbly product with which to create cakes and desserts in layers.
- The choux dough - The cream puff is a container for fillings, its dough must be thin and resistant at the same time and melt in the mouth, fundamental the technique of dough and cooking for the realization of cream puffs, èclaire.
- Meringues - We will know the different types of meringues: French, classical, Swiss and Italian, and the secrets of perfect cooking.
- The base of the semifreddo - The pasteurization of the eggs is a very important factor for the pastry, we will know the semifreddo pasteurized base or pâté with bombs with which you can prepare mousses and semifreddi.

During the evenings you will taste all dishes prepared in combination with DOC wines or 100% Made in Marche craft beers
Theoretical-practical lesson with monitor and camera not to lose the details of the workings. Release handouts with recipes.

Location: Casa Marche - Via Velluti, 32/34 - Piediripa - Macerata
Lessons Dates: to be defined
Course timetable: to be defined
Participants: Minimum 9

During the course the following aspects will be taken care of :
• Methods, preparation techniques and cooking times;
• Creative and optimal use of food;
• Matching ingredients, flavors and textures;
• Presentation of dishes;
• Tasting, at the end of each lesson, prepared dishes.

Reservations :
Mymarca.it - Via Velluti, 32/34 - Piediripa - Macerata
Registration and payment for courses must be made through the website cart.

For any information call the number 07331941193 or write to info@mymarca.it.
Course programs may vary.

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