VECCHIE VIGNE 2011 Verdicchio di Jesi DOC Umani Ronchi

21,00 €

OLD VINEYARDS Umani Ronchi, was born to enhance and preserve the great heritage, qualitative and historical, of the old vineyards cultivated in the bottom of Montecarotto, treated with passion and time and patience have given an extraordinary wine.

VECCHIE VIGNE 2011 Verdicchio di Jesi DOC Umani Ronchi

Recognition 92/100 by James Suckling 2013
Recognition 90/100 Wine Enthusiaste 2014

Type: long-lasting still white wine

Denomination: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi DOC Classico Superiore

Grape Variety: Verdicchio 100%

75 cl bottle - Cork stopper - Contains sulphites
Alcohol content: 13.50% Vol.

First year of production 2001
The particular position , and the great vegetative-productive balance of the old vines, which were planted in the early 70s, allow the grapes to be harvested when they have reached a slight degree of over-ripening. The long aging period, first in cement tanks in contact with indigenous yeasts and then in the bottle, gives this cru of Verdicchio particular characteristics of fullness and typicality
The vineyards, older than thirty-five years, bred double-inverted, are located about 300 meters above sea level, on a hill facing east / south-east. The soil, very deep, clayey, rather fresh, represents the best for a grape variety such as Verdicchio. The yield per hectare is between 60 and 70 quintals.

The harvest , carried out by hand in crates, normally takes place in the period between the first and second ten days of October when the grapes have reached a slight degree of over-ripening. Quite frequent is the presence of a small amount of berries attacked by noble molds

Vinification, after a soft pressing, the must is suddenly cooled and then decanted statically. A small part of the grapes is worked with the red winemaking technique which aims to accentuate the extraction of some characters of the Verdicchio varietal
Fermentation, in steel tanks at a temperature maintained between 16 and 18 ° C, continues for 10-15 days. The wine carries out malolactic fermentation on 10-15% of the total mass.
The refinement phase lasts about 10 months, during which the wine remains in contact with its fermentation yeasts in cement tanks. The Vecchie Vigne Casal di Serrariposa in bottle for a few months before being put on the market

Notes of the winemaker
The beautiful color, bright golden yellow with bright greenish reflections
The sumptuous fatness, anticipate a wide bouquet of broom, chamomile, ripe apricot, pineapple and peach with pleasant hints of wild mint, sage and hazelnut
In the mouth it is striking for its elegance: dry and fresh with an acidity that is perfectly balanced in the softness of the alcohol. Long savory finish

Pairings roasted white meat, roasted fish and stuffed pasta
Ideal serving temperature 12-14 ° C

Service glass, medium-sized, spherical tendency, to allow a better perception of complex aromas. The straight opening will enhance the wine in the mouth by directing it first in the lateral and posterior parts of the tongue and then reaching the tip, and then evaluate, in an overall way, its softness

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