PICENUM cooked wine (vino cotto) is a typical wine of the Picenum are

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““ Vino cotto” (literally: cooked wine) was for centuries one of the most prestigious drinks served at the best banquets.
The wine that ancient Romans used to drink at their sumptuous feasts was vino cotto, called caroenum, and it probably looked like Nectar of the Gods.
The practice of must cooking to obtain vino cotto has remained the same over the centuries, and it is now an important element of enogastronomic tradition of the Marche Region
In the Provinces of Macerata and Fermo (called the Picenum area in the past), almost every cellar in peasants’ houses stored a small “vino cotto” barrel, as a family treasure Picenum celebrates the taste of vino cotto and brings him back to the former glory

Glass bottle: 0,75 lt.

Winemaking and aging:grapes are gently de-stemmed and crushed and the must is boiled on a direct flame for a period of time, until the volume is reduced by 1/3. Once cooked the must is put in old oak barrels and a long fermentation period starts. After further ageing (at least 6 years) on the lees the wine is bottled

Organoleptic characteristics
Colour: intense amber
Nose: fruity, reminiscent of quince jam and honey
Palate: fresh, pleasantly sweet, with a slight bitter aftertaste, in perfect balance with the acidity and the sugary features of the product

Food Pairing: Picenum is very versatile and it could be a great accompaniment to dried pastry or dark chocolate, but also to cheese and cold cuts, roasted chestnuts and peaches. The traditional pairing for Picenum is “ciambellone” (a typical family dry cake of the Province of Macerata) or cookies dipped in the glass

Alcohol content: 14% Vol.

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