PLENIO still white wine Verdicchio Castelli di Jesi DOCG Umani Ronchi

18,40 €

Plenio is our Verdicchio Riserva, a class recognised by the production rulebook, which prescribes a minimum ageing period of 18 months of which at least six must be in bottle.
The name of the wine, from the Latin Plenum, is intended to suggest the characteristics of fullness, complexity and structure.
It is a wine to be appreciated for its lingering persistence and for its richness of perfumes and aromas, which combine with the elegance of great whites to make it a unique wine.
The first few years were produced from a plot in the Villa Bianchi vineyard, but now Plenio is the product of vines grown at higher altitude, in one of the areas historically regarded as more suitable for the production of Verdicchio, near the picturesque village of Cupramontana.

Type: still white wine

2015 Italy’s 50 Best White Wines by Tom Hyland
One of the wines from the Marche awarded in 2018 by the most prestigious guides to Italian wines.

Name: Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Riserva DOCG Classico

Grapes: 100% Verdicchio

First year of production 1995
Municipality / production area Cupramontana
The vineyard was planted in the early '90s, is located about 350 meters above sea level and has an east-facing aspect
The land, which dates back to the Plio-Pleistocene formations, is characterized by being very deep, clay loam, with fairly poor fertility and therefore very suitable for the production of quality wines. The yield is about 60-70 per hectare

The harvest is done by hand, with the grapes harvested and transported in boxes. Normally it takes place in the period between the first and second week of October when the grapes have reached the optimum balance between acidity and sugar

Winemaking after a soft pressing the must is rapidly cooled and then be decanted in a static manner. The fermentation was carried out for 70% in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of 16 and 18 ° C, and lasts for 10-15 days. The remaining 30% is fermented in oak barrels of 50 hl. The wine undergoes a malolactic fermentation of 10-15% of the total mass. The aging stage lasts about 12 months, during which the wine remains in contact with its lees in the same containers for fermentation. Plenio completes the aging with a further 6 months in bottle

Winemaker's notes
A wine of exceptional consistency combined with great refinement
Straw yellow color with golden hues
The nose reveals fresh and penetrating with a slight vanilla overtones of ripe fruit, honey, bitter almonds and herbs typical note of anise, stamp of the original vine
In the mouth has good correspondence to the nose, a crisp attack and pleasing roundness, however balanced by alcohol, velvety, rich, by the end persistent with flavors of apple, plum and almond

Serving stuffed pasta, white meat, roasted fish
Ideal serving temperature 12-14 ° C

The conservation is not a wine for aging, although it has an unexpected ability to hold up over time, so possibly be drunk within a few years of purchase. The bottles should be laid horizontally in a cool cellar, dark, humid

Serving glass goblet of medium size and roughly spherical shape, to allow a better perception of complex aromas. The straight opening will enhance the wine in the mouth, before directing it to the sides and rear of the tongue, and then to the tip, and then evaluate, in a comprehensive manner, its softness


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