WHITE WINES IGT MARCHE Selection for tasting

82,72 €
74,42 €

A unique opportunity to discover and taste the best IGT MARCHE white wines labels produced by the cellars chosen for you by MYMARCA.

Extra 10% discount

  • TABANO 2018 Montecappone Marche IGT bianco premiato ideale x piatti di pesce
  • CHAMAELEON 2015 Marche IGT Cantina Bastianelli
  • MADAME RINA 2016 Marche IGT Passerina cantina Montecappone
  • GALLICANO vino bianco non filtrato - Castrum Morisci
  • BIANCO del MORO 2016 Marche IGT Sangiovese in purezza vinificato in bianco
  • ECCLESIA 2015 Chardonnay Marche IGT Vino bianco
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