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TENUTE COLLESI beers and spirits of excellence

Pian della Serra
61042 Apecchio
Pesaro-Urbino - Italy

PRIMA PIETRA birrificio artigianale
B.A.CH. Craft Brewery Chiaraluce

Founded as a small craft production, the Company Collesi has earned a prominent place in the field of beers and spirits of quality, both in Italy and abroad. Solid experience, expertise gained over time, a focus on quality ingredients, along with the respect of ancient and valuable methods of brewers and distillers, make Collesi the privileged referent of those who can recognize real ale fermented in the bottle and spirits of absolute excellence.

Passion, experience, and the quality of mother nature: these components comes the beer.
Hard water of Monte Nero is one of the best in Europe to create the beer, and this is a very important added value. The barley comes from fields owned by the family Collesi; treated to regional malt house Marche, back on the farm in the form of malt for beer brewing. A beer really zero kilometers.

In strict accordance with the principles of slow food, Collesi rewards the expectations of those who seek, even in beers and spirits, quality and authenticity of the ingredients, respect for nature, continuity with tradition. In respect of these fundamental values, all products of the company are made Collesi no shortcuts, scrupulously following strict criteria and ancient methods.

Collesi aims affirmation and spread of a selective mentality, who can distinguish between mass-produced, conditioned by the demands of large retailers and therefore subject to the limits of quality of industrial production, and products made with care and craftsmanship care, recovering and enhancement of the quality that only respect for tradition can guarantee. Collesi beers and spirits are produced following this guideline, which is both the raison d'etre of the company Collesi and the reason for its growing success.

Offer a wide and differentiated beers and spirits of high quality, obtained through the rigorous selection of raw materials, the application of production processes fully comply with traditional craftsmanship, and the use of advanced human resources and technology: this is, in Essentially, the strategy Collesi. The result, so far successfully pursued, is the satisfaction of a careful and demanding customers, who found in beers and spirits Collesi answer always live up to its expectations.