NUOVA SIMONELLI coffee machines

Nuova Simonelli
Via M. D'Antegiano, 6
Belforte del Chienti
Macerata - Italy

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We established our identity on the emotion aroused by a good espresso. The experience, technology, innovation, design is the means we use to transmit.

Being a partner in the design, production of professional espresso coffee machines. Build a network of relationships based on trust, commitment and shared objectives. Service-training assistance to foster the growth of professionalism in the industry and then spread the coffee culture in the world.

Nuova Simonelli is an Italian tradition and experience. Since 1936 produces espresso machines and exports them worldwide. Today we have a wide range of products that meet the needs of the entire hospitality industry. Investment in research and development of new solutions we have rewarded over time with major awards: the World Barista Championship, the Golden Compass for the innovative design, the first machine ergonomic and innovative applications.

Our distribution network is made up of sales professionals, real consultants who know the market and know how to give the right assistance on an ongoing basis. Today our mission is to continue to invest in research, design, training and assistance to contribute to your success. Nuova Simonelli is expressly for you