CASA REALE silvers

Via Che Guevara, 34 / A
60022 Castelfidardo (An)

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WELCOME TO LUXURY - Exclusive creations, emotions of pure silver, art and Italian excellence.

Art and silver: a combination that for 30 years we are passionate and stimulating. He worked by expert hands with care and innovative techniques in our laboratories. laboratories through the use of precious metal and precious materials, each ns. Product is designed to last and be passed down as the most beautiful memories.

CASA REALE creates only valuables. Experience and accurate processing for original works of art Made in Italy. For those who love and choose the beauty and to surprise and amaze those who receive it.

Neramarena - Jewels balanced lines to dream and amaze. The romantic joys of Neramarena live on the skin of those who in life gets excited and loves to share his happiness with loved ones