CUCU silver LEAF Luxury design clock with cuckoo and pendulum

400,16 €
360,00 €

CUCU SILVER LEAF, luxury design cuckoo clock, looks stunning in any contemporary room, whilst adding a witty, tongue in cheek charm.
Functional and modern interior clock, provides a modern twist on an established design, it is also ideal as a complement to the lobby furniture hotels, restaurants and / or offices
The cuckoo emerges to sound the hour and lifts its wings with each call. The sound itself is a soft double echo cuckoo backed by a very faint soothing sound of running water.

Exclusive wall cuckoo clock with a chic swinging pendulum lock has quartz movement and operates on batteries, 2 silent hands and 12 arabic numerals.

Every piece is unique; the color may differ from the picture!

Material: hand crafted metal frame covered with leaf

Color - finish: leaf silver

Dimensions cm: W 45 x H 88 x D 10

Designer: Pascal Tarabay

Mechanism complies with the RoHS Directive: cuckoo mechanism with two batteries D 1,5 (not included) - Silent quartz movement

Cuckoo volume control: there are 3 different option (high, low, off) at the exit of the cuckoo (the bird pops out with a boisterous call or a softer tone)

Night sensor: for it uses the motion sensor-controlled light at nightime the cuckoo makes no sound

Certified 100% Made in Italy

Instructions: clear, complete and in multiple languages
Packaging: comes boxed, special protection and maximum safety
Worldwide delivery

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