HANDY BIO MANCINI Gift box with organic whole wheat pasta in 500 g paper bag

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Mancini handy bio for a unique gift for a pasta that just begs to be seasoned. Since wheat Marche formats Pasta Mancini organic whole.

Spaghetti, penne and fusilli grains Organic Pasta Mancini are drawn to the bronze and dried slowly at low temperature.

The result is a highly digestible pasta, outstanding qualities in terms of organoleptic and nutritional intake of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Pack containing 2,5 kg of organic whole wheat pasta in 500 g paper bag.

Informazioni nutrizionali (valori medi riferiti a 100 g di prodotto)
Energia 1488 kj; 351 Kcal
Grassi (g/%) 1,9 di cui saturi 0,3
Carboidrati (g/%) 69 di cui zuccheri 4,3
Fibre (g/%) 5,5
Proteine (g/%) 12
Sale (g/%) < 0,1

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