pancetta biologica fattoria recchi arrotolata a mano e fatta a petritoli

BACON rolled - slice 800gr - Farm Recchi

20,13 €

The bacon is produced by using the pig pancettone thoroughly degreased, trimmed and thinned, coiled and subjected to short curing times.

Ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, natural flavors

The Recchi cold cuts are the result of a careful craftsmanship that starts with raising animals: strictly Italian breed, born and raised on the farm, fed with grains grown by the owners in their fields and allowed to grow until the right moment of ripeness meat, no artificial interventions that accelerate growth, and hence increase the appetite or production.

By combining these processes simple genuineness of the most traditional recipes, you are obtained from nutritional products and excellent organoleptic characteristics.

Weight 800 grams slice of about +/- 5%

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