PECORINO di fossa PDO 1kg Martarelli Fossa cheese Sogliano DOP

32,49 €

Pecorino Nostrano Vallesina aged in the tuff pits of Sant'Agata Feltria (PDO cheese currently under transitory national protection).

Pecorino di Fossa comes from a long tradition. Each shape represents the work of a long and natural refermentation. Each piece is unique, misshapen, full of nuances in both appearance and flavor.

Colored by various molds, it gathers years of tradition. After three months of burial, it is ready to give a unique, strong and spicy flavor with a soft, soft and spongy paste.

Ingredients : PS sheep's milk, rennet, salt. ITALIAN MILK

Dyes and preservatives: absent

Seasoning: minimum 9 months

Characteristics: irregular flattened shape, soft and creamy paste, strong flavor, full of characteristic aromas.

Storage: +4/8 ° C, we recommend keeping at room temperature 1 hour before consuming.

Whole form of about 1 kg. (+/- 7%)

How is Pecorino di Fossa PDO born?

After a few months of maturing, the cheese produced with sheep's milk is selected and enclosed in large-fiber sacks of natural fiber, and then stored in four-meter deep tuff pits, filled with layers of leaves and straw.

In the bottom of the pits a small hole is obtained for the collection of the oils due to the refermentation. At the end of August, the pits are sealed with chalk and pebbles, and then reopened in November, the day of Saint Catherine.

Nutritional values per 100 grams
Energy 1666 kj / 398 kcal
Fats 30.68 gr of which saturated fatty acids 16.84 gr
Carbohydrates 1,83 gr of which sugars0.41 gr
Protein 28.52 gr
Salt 0.93 gr

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