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Salami & sausages Italian proposed tasting of high quality

100,00 €
95,00 €

Do you want an appetizing appetizer of high quality cold cuts? MYMARCA offers you a selection of high quality pork sausages.

A unique opportunity that will allow you to indulge yourself with appetizing cutting boards to bring to the table, unique appetizers in flavors ... MADE in MARCHE.

The tasting proposal includes:

  • Ciauscolo IGP 500 grams about Monterotti
  • Ascolana Funari Spianata 900 gr.
  • Larded salami (subject to availability)
  • Italian pork loin or capocollo 800 gr. (depending on availability)
  • Mazzafegato liver salami Antica Gastronomia 455 gr.
  • Spicy salamella 400 gr.
  • Funari seasoned mini sausages 300 gr.
  • Crescia Marche 300 grams La Bolla

NB Photo purely indicative

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