the VERDICCHIO di JESI selection of 6 wines from autochthonous grapes

97,73 €
78,08 €

Ideal white wine combined with fish dishes. Gift idea for connoisseurs.

Verdicchio is the most awarded white wine of Italy, this would be enough to want to know it better, a wine that identifies with a territory.

Mymarca a sure guide that accompanies you to the tasting of a selection of 6 labels, with an extra 15% discount.

San Michele 2012 DOC Superiore - Vallerosa Bonci

  • San Michele 2012 DOC Superiore - Vallerosa Bonci
  • Utopia 2010 DOC Classico Riserva - Montecappone
  • Pier delle vigne 2007 DOC Classico Superiore  - Zaccagnini
  • Podium 2014 DOCG Classico Superiore - Garofoli
  • Ammazzaconte 2009 DOC Riserva - Conti di Buscareto
  • Vigna Novali 2010 DOCG Riserva Classico - Moncaro

Shipping all over the world, in a special wine cellar for maximum safety

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