PASSERINA vs PECORINO the challenge of taste sip by sip

63,96 €
54,36 €

Miss PASSERINA vs mister PECORINO the taste challenge ... to the last sip.
By ancient native vines wines of great character, able to authentically express the territory.

Passerina lively fragrant white wines, is a very ancient local white grape cultivar from the Marches, Central-Adriatic region of Italy. Very versatile grape variety with its large firm grapes is used to produce a wine with a refreshing dry flavour and unmistakeable floral bouquet.

Pecorino is the flagship of Marches region: the recent rediscovery of this variety, which was never vinified on its own in the past, has allowed the local winemakers to exalt and disseminate the knowledge of its peculiarities. The result is a wine that’s surprisingly durable, powerful and pleasantly savoury.

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  • Passerina - Marche IGT - Santa Barbara
  • Monsieur Rino - Pecorino Offida DOCG - Montecappone
  • Pecorino - Offida DOCG - Centanni
  • Passerina - Marche IGT - Castrum Morisci
  • 1° Senso - Passerina Marche IGT - Saputi
  • Ribelle - Falerio Pecorino DOC - Bastianelli
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