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Cooking Classes 2012 Evening

Sede corsi di cucina serali

provincia di Macerata

Mymarca Casa Marche 

Via Velluti, 32/34 

62100 Piediripa Macerata 

tel 07331941193 


The Hotel School settles in Loreto in 1991 after moving from its previous home in Numana (AN) where in the school year 1986/87 saw the light two classes as the seat coordinate "Panzini" of Senigallia (AN).
Over time it has undergone a growing expansion realizing the importance of vocational training for young people in the catering industry and tourism.
This assumption has led him in 2006 to separate from center: Via San Francesco and settle in the current state in a brand new building, built with the help of the Province of Ancona, with hotel equipment of last generation that is home to over 720 students.
The school was named after Antonio Nebbia, well-known author of the Marche cook cookbook "The Cook Maceratese" published in 1786.
The Institute can proudly vaunt it had accepted and served Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI during their visits at the Marian Shrine.
He also, during the World Summit of the Left held in 1999 in Florence, collected the assessments by representatives from the likes of U.S. President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair.
The ease with which its students find employment makes it an essential reference point for young people who wish they were to succeed in a profession modern, dynamic and full of great job opportunities in Italy and abroad.