MAZZAFEGATO liver spread salami 450gr. Antica Gastronomia

11,00 €

Mazzafegato or liver spread salami is the last sausage to be prepared and in it all that does not enter in the previous processes is collected.

It is a soft paste product, a particularity that is maintained until the product is fresh, after which, over time, the cured meat tends to harden and take more and more the consistency of the seasoned product.

Peculiarity of Mazzafegato salami is to be almost a contrast between sweet and salty thanks to its particular processing, which is very long and must be carried out with the utmost care and meticulousness.

Shelf life: 90 days - Storage: in a cool and dry place

Some advice for use: should be consumed spread on bread better if homemade or cooked on wood or spread on good bread just bruscato

Weight: about 400 grams +/- 10%

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