SPARKLING PASSERINA Terre di Offida DOC classic method Centanni vini

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Sparkling wine PASSERINA TERRE DI OFFIDA DOC Classic Method

Type: sparkling wine

Classification: Terre di Offida DOC

Grapes: Passerina

Production area:selected grapes from our own vineyards around Montefiore dell'Aso and Massignano
Soil type: medium texture, with a lot of gravel
Exposure: South-west
Altitude:300 meters a.s.l.
Vineyard age: 10 years
Yeld for wine: 2.0 kg of grapes
Yield: 80 of grapes
Training system: vertical trellis
Pruning system: Spurred cordon
Density of planting: 4,000 vines per hectare

Harvest:when the acidity and sugar reach optimal levels to create a base for sparkling wine, the grapes are harvested by hand, put in small containers, and transported immediately to the winery to be processed. The harvest takes place in mid-August in the early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day.

Fermentation:the carefully selected, freshly picked grapes are taken to the cellar where soft crushing is immediately followed by a lowering of the temperature. This improves decanting and removal of suspended matter in the must. Fermentation takes place in steel tanks at a controlled 10°C. After fermentation is completed the cloudy wine is put into perfectly clean tanks to clear.

Aging sparkling base:heavy sediment is removed from the fermented wine and the fne sediment (lees) is left. Aging is in steel with continuous turning (riddling) to extract the positive properties of the sediment.

Refermentation in the bottle:once the wine is perfectly clear, sugar (circa24gr / l) and yeast are added and it is bottled. Within a month the sugar is consumed by the yeast and carbon dioxide is produced that binds to the wine.

Aging on the lees:however fermentation causes a production of lees. The wine is aged for approximately 24 months using pupitre and the lees subsequently extracted from the tip of the bottle. With disgorgement the lees are eliminated and a syrup (liqueur d’expédition) added before sale. Everything is done by ourselves.

Serve with: fresh cheese, white meat, fish.
Serving temperature: 8/10 ° C

Alcohol content 12.50%

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