LARDED SALAMI Typical Marche Product 450gr

11,21 €

Larded salami (Salame Lardellato) is a typical product of Marche region.
This product is made of precious cuts of swine meat, including but not limited to, the shoulder. Its slices are ruby red, with white lard pieces irregularly distributed. Its aroma is full and savour

Ingredients for larded salami: pork, lard cubes, salt, ground pepper, pepper grains, aromatic herbs and spices

Cutting - meat of leg, shoulder, loin of pork, pickled salted lard

Procedure - minced meat with molds 4 and 1/2 or cut "brunoise" with the knife (1/4 cm to 1/4 cm cubed) bagged if possible using natural casings

Seasoning - minimum 60 days up to 200 days (according to size) at a constant temperature of 10 ° C with humidity of 80 - 85% depending on the thickness of the casing used. The salami during ripening lose up to 30-35% of initial weight

Weight 450 grams +/- 8%

Taglio - Carne di coscia, spalla, lombi di maiale, giardiniera di lardo salato

Aromi - Pepe in grani e macinato (sale in media 30-33%)

Procedimento - Carne tritata con stampi da 4 e 1/2 o tagliata "brunoise" con il coltello (1/4 di cm per 1/4 di cm a cubetti) insaccato se possibile utilizzando le budella naturali

Stagionatura - Minimo 60 gg fino a 200 gg (secondo grandezza) a temperatura costante di 10 °C con umidità di 80 - 85 % a seconda dello spessore del budello utilizzato. Il salame perderà durante la stagionatura sino al 30 - 35 % del peso iniziale.

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