LARDINATED SALAMI 400 gr Local Recchi farm typical product of the Marche region

13,94 €

It is a typical product of the Marche region, with an elongated shape and variable dimensions produced by Fattoria Recchi.

Obtained with the cuts of shoulder, bacon, culaccino and trimming of ham that are ground, seasoned and enriched with natural aromas with the addition of dorsal lard cubes.

Cut - thigh meat, shoulder, pig loins, salted bacon

Flavors - Pepper in grains and ground (salt average 30-33%)

Method - minced meat with 4 and 1/2 molds or "brunoise" cut with a knife (1/4 cm per 1/4 cm in cubes), stuffed if possible using natural guts

Maturing - Minimum 60 days up to 200 days (second size) at a constant temperature of 10 ° C with humidity of 80 - 85% depending on the thickness of the casing used. The salami will lose during the maturing up to 30 - 35% of the initial weight.

Weight 400 grams +/- 5%

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