3 LIVER SALAMI with Pepper ancient tradition of Marche Fattoria Recchi

12,87 €

Liver salami is a rare speciality that reinterpret nowadays the ancient tradition of Marche. The best meat is selected and the most tasty cuts are used to make the blend.

It is then enriched with liver (37%), nutmeg and chilly peppers.

The salami after which time tends to become harder and more and more takes on the consistency of the seasoned cold meat product.

Special features - is the product of preparation common throughout the inland of the Marche, is consumed, seasoned and cut, with slices of bread or crescia little salt.

Cut - 30/40% clippings pork liver scraps the rest of the shoulder and leg of pork

Ingredients: pork meat and liver, the latter at least 25%, salt, pepper, chilli, aromatic herbs and spices.)

Total weight of 540 grams +/-8% (3 salami)

Product is not always available, available on request and after our info@mymarca.it. confirmation email.

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