LONZA Recchi 1.2 Kg Capocollo or Coppa Pork cured aged salami

40,1 €

LONZA or Capocollo or Coppa Recchi Pork, seasoned artisan cured meats

Original flavors of Fattoria Recchi typical of the Marche region.
At the section presents a variegated appearance of red flesh in the muscular parts and milky white in the fat parts.
The latter mainly have a centrifugal pattern, with irregular-looking branches that separate the muscular parts

The seasoned loin should be eaten exclusively sliced ​​and is one of the main ingredients for the snacks of May 1 together with pecorino cheese and fresh broad bean

Weight: 1.20 kg. whole piece +/- 10%.
Cut - Boned pork shoulder up to the 6th rib of the carré (opposite side of the schooner).
Flavors - Ground pepper, red garlic in a shirt (to flavor the meat before salting, massaging the fresh meat well, white wine (to wash the trimmed meat).
Processing - once cleaned of the roughness of the meat is put in salt for two or three days, having the warning to turn the piece once a day. Once this first phase is finished, it is washed with wine and vinegar and then grounded entirely. Finally it is stuffed into a particular casing (the saccola) and tightened well with a natural net, then tied with string.
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