BRANDY over 20 years old - Alchol 43% - Bottle 0,7 Lt

The base wine is a monovarietal entirely from the 1994 vintage, a Montepulciano that was carefully selected in the vineyard, hand-picked, and vinified specifically for this brandy.
The spirit was produced through diffusion distillation in a traditional single-batch pot still. The passage of time, judicious use of small oak casks, and the magic of our distinctive local climate combine to yield a superb brandy. over 20 years old Production and ageing this brandy was made in 1994 from a wine specifically produced for its production.
In 1995, it was placed for ageing in medium-toast Allier oak Barrels, which had previously been used to mature Chardonnay, where it remained until 2012.
It was then bottled and rested there for a further 3 years. Finally, after a full 21 years from harvest, our brandy is ready for being savoured.

Bottle: Cl. 70

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Appearance a luminous caramel.
Bouquet seductive wealth of aromas that open to a note of bourbon vanilla, followed by clean-edged impressions of liqueur cherries, tanned leather, mixed nuts and dried fruit, and red pu-erh tea.
Palate a beautifully-balanced palate of smooth, alcoholic warmth, with a rich, dense mosaic of varietal aromas, all components in full harmony and proportion, concludes with a toasty finish.

Alchol 43% vol.

Serving temperature 16° - 18° C

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