ONION of SUASA with AGRESTO traditional sweet vinegar

7,22 €

La Bona Usanza achieved a pate to enhance the characteristics of the Suasa onion, a variety of onion, grown exclusively in the territories of Castelleone of Suasa and San Lorenzo in Campo is characterized by the bulb from rosacea coloration and for particularly sweet flavor.

Recovered at the beginning of the 2000s, it was then added to the list of traditional products from the Marche; every year in Castelleone di Suasa is celebrated in early September with a party.

quality ingredients: onion Suasa, Cervia salt (Slow Food Presidium), extra virgin olive oil and agresto (traditional sweet vinegar).

An ideal product to be enjoyed as a delicious aperitif to make croutons, or to create original sauces.

Glass jar: 130 grams

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