BRANDY over 12 years old - Alchol 43% - Bottle 0,7 Lt

34,84 €

The base wine is a monovarietal entirely from the 2003 vintage, a Montepulciano that was carefully selected in the vineyard, hand-picked, and vinified specifically for this brandy.

This spirit was produced through diffusion distillation in a traditional single-batch pot still. The passage of time, judicious use of small oak casks, and the magic of our distinctive local climate combine to yield a superb brandy.

Bottle: Cl. 70

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Production and ageing this brandy was made in 2003 from a wine specifically produced for its production. In 2004, it was placed for ageing in medium-toast Allier oak Barrels, which had previously been used to mature Chardonnay, where it remained until 2012. It was then bottled and rested there for a further 3 years. Finally, after a full 12 years from harvest, our brandy is ready for being savoured.

Appearance pale amber.
Bouquet a refined note of toastiness, with floral overtones, hinting of vanilla, smooth spice, mixed nuts and dried fruit.
Palate Warm and enfolding, it immediately impresses with its smooth, velvety texture and aromatic complexity from lengthy ageing.

Alchol 43% vol.

Serving temperature 16° - 18° C

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