OLIVE STUFFED ASCOLANA 1 Kg fried ready for consumption Antica Gastronomia

24,64 €

Stuffed olives stuffed FRIES, a gastronomic delicacy of the Piceno, and certainly the typical product of Marche region more appreciated and copied in Italy and abroad.

For a wonderful mixed fried stuffed: stuffed olives stuffed, fried cream, lamb chops, zucchini fillets, slices of artichokes and zucchini flowers choose products Antica Gastronomia the taste of Italian culinary tradition.

Recommendations for use: the stuffed Oliva "all'Ascolana" is very appetizing if eaten and accompanied by a good white wine is not very full-bodied, it goes just as well in combination of roasts. Serve hot, accompanied with lemon wedges. They are also good cold!

PRODUCT COTTO ready for consumption (already fried olives, just heat).

Storage: in a refrigerator at a temperature between 0 ° C + 4 ° C

Weight: 1 kg pan (about 80 olives)

The Protected Designation of Origin PDO "Oliva Ascoli Piceno of the" means olives, pickled or stuffed, obtained from the olive varieties "Ascolana tender". The olive in brine has a uniform color from green to straw yellow, the taste is slightly acidic with a slight bitter aftertaste.

The stuffed olive has slightly elongated (elliptical) with irregular presence visible patches of green; It is characterized by olfactory medium intensity aroma with notes of green olive and spices.

The stuffed olive stuffed ( "them pallette" or "fried liva" as it is affectionately called by Ascoli) is an asset to be defended against counterfeiting: they are stuffed inside a soft heart of meat filling.

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