Chickpeas 250 gr typical grown in the Marche Apennines

2,50 €

Typical of the Marche region, are grown in the Apennines, high-altitude away from contamination
They are characterized by the berries rather small, golden color, need a few hours of soaking and cook in twenty minutes. recommend them in the preparation of soups

Only chickpeas Marche, not treated with chemical preservatives, which lend themselves to the preparation of tasty soups with garlic and rosemary simple using a water starts dell'ammollo or a tasty mashed to combine with meat stews. Also used in combination with pasta, as a side dish or in the past: in this form are recommended to people who have a delicate digestive system.
In the Marche region is used to cook them with garlic, bay leaf and tomato sauce, adding cooked almost completed, extra virgin olive oil and a bit 'of salt

Weight: 250 grams

Recipe: Chickpeas with bricks

Ingredients: Garlic, rosemary, olive oil, previously soaked chickpeas, salt.
Preparation: Prepare a dough with flour, water and an egg. He then pulls out the dough a bit 'steep that you cut into bricks. Chickpeas, required to bath the night before with a little 'salt, drain and leave for a few minutes with a pinch of baking soda. Beat thoroughly, then plunge into a pot with warm water and rinse. The operation is repeated a couple of times again. Finally, in another pot, again with warm water, bring to simmer, add the garlic, salt and rosemary, and finally the bricks. As soon as they will come to cooking, it is served with olive oil.

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