CUCU RUST Metal painted with rust effect Big Wall Cuckoo Clock with pendulum

389,00 €
330,64 €

The traditional cuckoo clock of the black forest proposed in a modern and original version, for those who want to decorate your home with a unique design object.
Functional and innovative wall cuckoo clock that would look totally at home in any modern, minimal space.

The cuckoo emerges to sound the hour and lifts its wings with each call. The sound itself is a soft double echo cuckoo backed by a very faint soothing sound of running water.

Material: metal laser cut painted with rust effect

Color/finish: frame and pendulum rust - red cuckoo. Each piece is unique; the color may differ from the photo!

Dimensions cm: W 45 x H 88 x D 10

Designer: Pascal Tarabay

Movement: Quartz

Mechanism: electronic batteries (not included)

Volume Control Cuckoo high - low - off

Night sensor: movement using the sensor-controlled light, no sound when there is no light

Certificate: 100% Made in Italy

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