CREMINI FRITTI ASCOLANA 1 Kg already fried Antica Gastronomia

22,00 €

CREMINI ASCOLANA pastry cream cut into cubes, breaded with eggs and breadcrumbs and fried in sunflower oil.
These chunks, thanks to their sweet taste, go perfectly with the salty taste of the olive stuffed with Ascoli, softening it on the palate.

For a splendid mixed fried Ascoli: olives stuffed with Ascoli, fried cream, lamb cutlets, courgette fillets, wedges of artichokes and courgette flowers choose Antica Gastronomia products the taste of Italian culinary tradition.

Recommendations for use: serve hot, accompanied with lemon wedges, it is equally good also cold.
Conservation method: in the fridge at a temperature between 0 ° C + 4 ° C.

COOKED PRODUCT ready for consumption (cremini already fried, only to be heated).

1 kg tray.

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