PENNE Regina dei Sibillini 500 Gr handicraft italian durum wheat pasta

3,90 €

Penne, small tubes, diagonally cut, ruled and rough, the penne are a very classic of the tradition.

Here in the Sibillini Mountains they often go well with the scent of the woods (mushrooms, truffles).

Dishes like these, even if we are far from home remind us of our land, our mountains


Length: 40 mm
Diameter: 10.2 mm
Cooking time: 6-8 min.

Box: 500 Gr

The raw material cultivated, wholesome and with unique properties gives to the made product a characteristic taste rich in flavor and scent that is distinguished already the moment that it is cooked.
Respecting the italian tradition Regina dei Sibillini produces classic Penne, those bound to the simplicity of our daily lives, the ones we grew up with and that remind us who we are.

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