MEZZE MANICHE Regina dei Sibillini durum wheat pasta grown in the mountains

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The MEZZE MANICHE Regina dei Sibillini are semolina and water cylinders, short cut, extraordinarily striped, the half sleeves can satisfy even the most demanding palates.

They are undoubtedly the favorite format here at home, where the aroma of the pasta being cooked almost always heralds a nice plate of half sleeves. Our favorite seasoning? The beautiful atmosphere that is created around the family table!

The raw material for making Mezze Maniche is healthy and unique in its properties, it gives the processed product a characteristic flavor rich in aromas and a perfume that stands out already at the time of cooking.
Respecting the Italian tradition, Regina dei Sibillini produces the classic pasta shapes, those linked to simplicity, to everyday life, those with which the generations of the Marches grew.

Technical characteristics of durum wheat pasta:
Length: 20mm - Diameter: 19.2mm
Ingredients: mountain durum wheat semolina, water.
Cooking time: 6-8 min.

Packaging: box of 500 Gr.

NUTRITIONAL DECLARATION - Average values per 100g of product
Energy 1570 kJ / 370 kcal
Fat 0.9 g of which saturated fatty acids 0.1 g
Carbohydrates 78 g of which sugars 3,4 g
Protein 12.5 g
Fiber 1.0 g
Salt 0.002 g
Contains gluten

Store in a cool, dry place away from heat sources.

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