GIVE A COMPLETE Cooking Course in the Marche of 6 lessons

360,00 €
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Give a cooking class!
For a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, for Christmas or for any occasion to celebrate, a cooking class is a gift always welcomed with enthusiasm.
An original, certainly unexpected gift idea to give to your friends or family.
An unusual experience, a different evening, an opportunity to do something fun, relaxing, to meet new friends and learn the little secrets of good food. Mymarca offers appointments, suitable for experienced cooks or beginners simply keen on cooking.
Lovers of meat or fish, pasta, fried food, finger food and barbecue will be involved in a unique experience.

1 ° Lesson - Sauces and Sauces - The basis for the preparation of sauces and sauces to make our first courses tasty.
2nd lesson - Fresh pasta made by hand - How to prepare fresh pasta, roll out the dough, filled pasta and gnocchi.
3rd Lesson - The side dishes based on seasonal vegetables: the classics and the novelties - Preparation techniques, cuts, cooking vegetables.
4th Lesson - The world of meat, the techniques of preparation and cooking - The choice of cutting, marinating, cooking techniques, all the secrets for a tender and tasty meat.
5th lesson - The world of fish, appetizers, first and second courses - seasonality, fish cleaning, preparation and cooking techniques to keep the organoleptic characteristics of the fish unaltered
6th lesson - Legumes and Cereals - a lesson dedicated to legumes and cereals more or less known, to rediscover a healthy and natural diet.

Buy a course to give to someone dear to you through the cart of our website. Tell us by email or in the field notes in the shopping cart the recipient of the gift and Mymarca will then prepare a digital file in printable PDF format with the gift certificate for the course. Let us know who to e-mail the voucher.

For any information you can find us in the ns. new concept store Casa Marche, in Via Velluti, 32/34 - 62100 Piediripa di Macerata

Timetable 09:00 - 12:30 - Tel 07331941193

Cooking classes are taught by professional chefs.
During the course the following aspects will be taken care of:
• Methods, preparation techniques and cooking times;
• Creative and optimal use of food;
• Matching ingredients, flavors and textures;
• Presentation of dishes;
• Tasting, at the end of each lesson, prepared dishes.

Info & Reservations : - ​​Via Velluti, 32/34 - 62100 Macerata
Registration and payment for courses must be made through the website cart.

For any information call the number 07331941193 or write to
Course programs may vary.

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