All the shapes of the pasta Regina dei Sibillini in a single box

43,68 €

All the shapes of the pasta Regina dei Sibillini in a single box.

Like a small treasure, an elegant jewel-box full of penne, linguine, mezze maniche, spaghetti, stringhette, fusilli, .. : a nice gift for someone you love, but also for yourself so you wont be left whithout.

Regina dei Sibillini produces pasta according to the handicraft process, it is wire drawned in bronze then put to dry at low temperatures, using only wheat that comes from the top soil in the heights at an altitude between 600 to 900 mt sea level.

The geographic position of the farm in the area of the Sibillini Mountains garantees a truly uncontaminated ambient: water and air, essential elements in the production of our pasta, are of absolute quality.

The raw material cultivated, wholesome and with unique properties gives to the made product a characteristic taste rich in flavor and scent that is distinguished already the moment that it is cooked.

Contents: 2 kg of short pasta by your choice + 3 kg of long pasta by your choice

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