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Dried ROSE APPLES and COOKED WINE 190 gr Le Spiazzette

Amandola SosMYterremoto 3 years later - Purchasing support: a help for the "RECONQUISTA of NORMALITY".

Dried PINK APPLES and COOKED WINE (MELE ROSA ESSICCATE and VINO COTTO), also called "Paccucce di Colmurano", a traditional product of the Macerata area, are dried apples in moderately warm oven, drowned in cooked wine, preserved in glass jars.

The preserves of Mele Rosa from the Sibillini Mountains of the Slow Food Presidium are made with fruits from the Le Spiazzette di Amandola farm and sweetened with a low percentage of sugar.

190 gram glass container

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